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Keep your workers safe from COVID-19 and protect your company from claims.

The COVID-19 Safety App is free and works on any device.  Your workers can use the app to review the latest coronavirus-related news from trusted sources like the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and more.

The COVID-19 Safety App also allows field workers to review and sign off on Toolbox Talks right from their mobile device. Once signoff is complete, a strong PDF record is automatically generated and can easily be saved. Your company needs good documentation that you’re taking the proper steps to keep your workers safe. With the COVID-19 Safety App, you’ll have peace of mind.

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The COVID-19 Safety App

Everything you need to keep your workers safe & company protected.


News articles and toolbox talks generated from only trusted sources like the CDC, FEMA, OSHA, and more.

Updated Daily

Our team makes sure your workers get the latest coronavirus-related information as it’s released.

Social Distancing Compliant

The COVID-19 Safety App is free so all your workers can sign up and complete tasks on their own device. No sharing required.

Any Device

We support all the various device types your workers may be carrying. Including iOS, Android, and more.

English & Spanish

All the content of the COVID-19 Safety App including the new articles and toolbox talks are available in both English & Spanish.

Easy To Use

The COVID-19 Safety app has a simple interface that was designed for workers that may not be super comfortable with technology.

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